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Hear what our owners are saying about the e33 and e Sailing Yachts:

“The first time I single handed the boat was in 8k of breeze after getting the main up. I took off the autopilot and sailed for 4 hours, and got tingles at how easy it was to sail in those conditions! This boat is perfect for Great Lakes day sailing!
- Illinois
“Last summer we renovated our house and lived in a very tight uncomfortable space. We had a 3 and 6 year old plus my wife was 9 months pregnant. Nearly every day after dinner we put the kids in PJ's and went for a harbor sail. My friends thought I was nuts - schlepping little kids and a pregnant wife for an hour sail! It was the best hour of the day and the kids can't wait to do it again this summer.”
- Massachusetts

 “I love feeling the ease of this boat picking up speed with only very light wind, and also appreciate the clean design, large open cockpit, prospect of competitive speed and Robbie's [Doyle] involvement in design and sail plan. And I really appreciate the value of the e33, when compared to the cost of other boats I considered.”
- New York

 “This is a great boat to sail (you get performance without being too technical); it has great lines; it is more reasonable to purchase than Morris/Hinckley; and has lower ongoing maintenance.”
- Washington

“I can just hoist the sail and go - with race crew, kids or alone - a couple of hours or days - it's a clean boat meant to be sailed.”
- Massachusetts

“I’m proud of the design and speed of my e33.”  
- New York

“I constantly receive complements in launch and from people passing by.”
- Illinois

“Beyond being very attracted to the design, I chose e Sailing Yachts for the willingness of the owners/designer to work with me to provide exactly what I wanted.”
- Toronto

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